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While most anticipate a smooth and joy-filled passage into parenting, for many the transition involves long seasons of waiting, feelings of discouragement and loss, and even anxiety and depression. If you are struggling to cope with the long, lonely roller-coaster of infertility treatment or have experienced the heart-break of pregnancy loss, you may need the kind of support and understanding that comes from someone familiar with the journey. Or, if you find that feelings of anxiety or depression are overshadowing your joy after the birth or adoption of a child, know that you are not alone. Depression and anxiety affect many parents in the weeks, months and years following a birth or adoption. 

Depression and anxiety symptoms are common in both men and women facing these reproductive

challenges. Diagnosis and supportive treatment can begin with a call to Flourish Louisville. We will discuss your situation and decide the best plan for helping you overcome the obstacles to a flourishing life.

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